All-you-can-eat vegetables! Cauliflower Soup Pasta


My husband, Eve-chan, is particular about it. Dried fruits and nuts should not go into salads or dishes, but should be used for sweets such as cakes, and milk and fresh cream should not be used for cooking, but for sweets such as cakes. This NG point narrows down the choice of cooking soberly. If you can't use milk or fresh cream, you won't be able to make gratin because the white sauce will be NG, and you won't be able to make white stew or whitish-colored soup. By the way, Eve also likes gratin. However, when I saw that I was using milk to make white sauce, I was rejected all at once. It is said that it is impossible. Mendoxai man.

Recently, I was declared that I want to be a vegetarian, so this time I made a lot of soup with lots of vegetables. The point was that in order to add richness to the taste, I spread a little less fresh cream, a lot of butter, and Parmesan cheese to the extent that I couldn't find it.

The procedure is like this.

  1. Lightly stir-fry the cauliflower, potatoes and onions cut into appropriate sizes, then add water and boil for a while.
  2. Make it muddy with a hand blender.
  3. Add asparagus, paprika mushrooms, etc. and cook further.
  4. Add salt and pepper, add fresh cream and butter to check the taste, then add parmesan cheese.
  5. I put this soup on top of the pasta boiled in another pot and eat it together.

Doesn't it feel easy to write like this? 🙂

Soup pasta was a more special image, but Eve and her father-in-law feel that if they don't have bread, they should eat it with pasta, so they eat it according to anything. Rolled cabbage, pasta, and so on. If it feels a little juice-like, anything seems to be OK.

The bread is gluten-rich, and I don't think this soup will go well with the rice, so I boiled gluten-free pasta and put the soup on it.

I thought gluten-free pasta might be bad, but it's surprisingly delicious. I made it with rice flour and quinoa flour. The difficulty is… it's not cheap, so I don't want to use it so often. (If you sell regular pasta at a low price, you can buy it for less than a dollar, but if it's gluten-free pasta, it's cheap and it's .88.) If you're not good at it, it's a difference of two dollars. But Eve-chan looked very happy with the gluten-free + vegetarian menu (laughs)


All-you-can-eat vegetables! Cauliflower Soup Pasta


Cauliflower1 round
WaterApplicableUntil the vegetables are hidden in the hitahita
Asparagus6 bottles
Fresh cream50ccYou can use milk.
ButterAbout 40g.
Salt & PepperApplicable

Quantity and ingredients: I don't want cauliflower to remain half-baked, so I'm going to use it up more and more. As for vegetables, there are two types, the blender has no shape, and I leave it to enjoy the texture. I think that it is OK to arrange it as you like with the thing in the house. I did not put carrots, but I think that it is also good to put it for texture.

By the way, potatoes are used to keep them in a muddy state, so it is recommended to put some. I used the rest of the vegetables while thinking that I was lucky to get a lot of nutrition at once if various kinds were in it. If you don't have asparagus, you don't have to go out of your way to buy it.

Seasoning: As mentioned above, it is seasoned with dairy products such as Parmesan cheese. I think that it is all right because it is a small amount of fresh cream, but if it boils too much, it may separate, so please finish the stew and like it as the last seasoning at once. Because there is some salt in the cheese, I think that it is good to put cheese first, put out the richness, and add more salt if it is not enough. On the other hand, if you want to save cheese, salt and pepper first and then lighten the flavor of the cheese.


1. Lightly stir-fry the cauliflower, potatoes, onions and garlic cut into appropriate sizes, then add the water until the vegetables are hitahita and boil for a while.

2. When the potatoes are completely soft and crumbling, turn off the heat and use a hand blender in the pan to make it muddy. (If you have a mixer, you can move it to a mixer, turn it into a mud, and then put it back in the pot.)

3. While waiting for potatoes to soften, cut other vegetables (asparagus, paprika, mushrooms, etc.) into bite-sized sizes. Add these to the muddy soup and cook further. In this vegetable, it seems to take a long time for the asparagus to cook, so cook until the asparagus is soft.

Start boiling pasta while the asparagus is waiting for it to soften.

4. Add salt and pepper, add fresh cream and butter to check the taste, then add parmesan cheese. Cheese is rich and flavorful, so please enjoy it until it tastes good.

5. I put this soup on top of the pasta boiled in another pot and eat it together.

All-you-can-eat vegetables! It will be cleaning the refrigerator.

I actually like soup because I can make a lot of soup at once, and if I eat it the next day, housework becomes a little easier. You can also enjoy vegetables with a lot of things. This time I wanted to use up asparagus, which is a seasonal vegetable, and cauliflower occupied the refrigerator, so I chose them. I think that it becomes a delicious taste even if other vegetables are combined if onion and garlic enter roughly. Do you want it to be tomato-based, consomme-based, or milk-based? If you decide the direction, cut the vegetables that seem to match it and boil them together, you can eat a lot of vegetables. yes, soup (stew?) That's convenient, isn't it♪