About me

Nice to meet you

I live in Toronto, Canada with my Russian husband and daughter, who was born in March 2019 (and one black cat). I came here on a student visa in 2012, studied English, studied Baking and Cooking at the college, and after graduating from college I worked as a croissant leader at a French bakery. When I was in college, and after I quit my job at a bakery, I also worked part-time at a French cake shop before giving birth. Here, I will use what I have learned and experience so far to introduce delicious and hassle-free recipes and life in Toronto that even I, a stubby person, will want to make again~. Specifically, it is as follows ↓

Keep the sweetness of the recipe modestly

As the title says, “Sweet things are so much,” I didn’t like sweets that much originally. I shared the shortcake hall I made in my college training with my roommates and landlords, and I ate it as part of my meal instead of bread in the morning and evening, but I am still happy to enjoy a little sweet. So, the sweets I make are “recipes that even people who don’t like sweets so much can eat deliciously”. Of course, cakes are sweet, but I try to make them so that I can eat them deliciously. If you actually make it and want a little more punch to the sweetness, you’re right! By all means, try adding a little more sugar.

For those who are thinking of studying abroad, working holidays, or traveling to Toronto

Before coming to Canada, I was gathering information about Toronto and Canada almost every day. I was worried about what it would be like, but it was very useful for raising my own excitement, such as information on delicious restaurants and how people who have already come to study abroad are spending their time. So, before deciding to study abroad or going to Canada, I wanted this kind of information, and I summarized the goodness of Toronto, where Niagara Falls is the only famous place (!?). We hope we can help you enjoy 120% of your life and travel in Toronto.

For the past few years, I have been operating every year due to illness …

I mean, I don’t think there are many people who get sick so much, I’m getting sick one after another (laughs) I’m grateful that medical care is free in Canada, but between 2020 ~ 2021, I can’t see a specialist immediately when I need it, The disease worsens and I have to have major surgery … For some reason, when I am in Canada, I feel that I am more often taken care of by the hospital. So, in order to stop the negative chain (!?), I have been trying various things to prepare my body recently.

Record the knowledge you gained studying as a web designer here

My daughter is young, she has to go to the hospital regularly… There are various reasons, but I am convinced that working from home is suitable for me personally, and I like designing more than anything else and enjoy it, so I am currently studying to become a web designer from a graphic designer. Therefore, for my output, I would like to summarize what I ran into a wall while studying and investigated.

What I want to tell myself 10 years ago

When I was teaching bread at Japan, I wanted to tell them that I wanted them to think about whether to use their time to choose delicious and safe foods or to save time by paying money and choose delicious foods that contain additives. I don’t want to say which is better or worse, but I wanted you to feel the deliciousness and safety of handmade food while valuing the time that passes slowly, although it is good to buy bread and side dishes in your busy life, but sometimes you make bread and make time-consuming dishes. This way of thinking still exists in me, and since time is finite, I think it is sometimes good to solve it with money, but if possible, I would like to cherish that time and the way of life. It’s been more than 10 years since I came to Canada, but I want to tell myself before I came to Canada. It’s important to spend time thinking about how to raise your own tension so that you can enjoy every day and always have fun!