About me

Hi there, I'm Iku!

I live in Toronto, Canada with her Russian husband, niece and daughter, who was born in March 2019.

After coming here on a student visa in 2012 and studying English, I studied Baking and Cooking at a college, and after graduating from college I worked as a leader in the croissant department at a French owner's bakery.

When I was in college and after I quit the bakery, before I gave birth, I worked part-time at a French cake shop.

Here, I would like to take advantage of what I have learned so far and introduce delicious and hassle-free recipes and life in Toronto that even I, who are hard to make, can think of as "I want to make it again."

The sweetness of the recipe is modest.

"Sweet things are so much. As the title suggests, I didn't really like sweets that much. The shortcake halls I made during my college practice were divided into roommates and houses, but I also ate them as part of my meal instead of bread in the morning and evening, but I'm still happy to enjoy sweets a little.

So, the sweets I make are recipes that even people who don't like sweets so much can eat deliciously. Of course, sweets such as cakes are sweet, but I try to have a modest sweetness so that I can eat them deliciously.

If you actually try to make it and want a little more punch in sweetness, I think that feeling is correct!

By all means, please try to add a little more sugar.

From the experience that I was gestational diabetes, the recipe that I thought "This seems to be able to be used" and the recipe of rice for adults which seems to become a baby food (mainly late to completion period) also be put a little.

Personally, I make white sugar with recipes that I don't use as much as possible, especially when my daughter is small.

When the candy was small, the tension after eating sweet sweets was too high, and the image that "sugar is poison to a small child" remained strong. However, because sugar is used in stews, it is not completely zero. There are times when I substitute maple syrup, but sometimes I use sugar with a low score.

Recipes for baby food use almost or no sugar.

If you need a recipe without sugar, I would be happy if I could help you.

For those who are thinking of going to Toronto, studying abroad, working, or traveling

If I were you, I would like to introduce a little more about the content that I wanted this kind of information before deciding to study abroad or going to Canada, and the goodness of Toronto, which is famous only for Niagara Falls.

I would be very happy if I could help you enjoy 120% of your life and travel in Toronto.

No matter where you are, it is the same to worry about pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing.

I have experienced pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing in Canada, but whenever I was in trouble, I was referring to The Japanese site whenever I was in trouble, such as what to do with meals if I had gestational diabetes, what to prepare for baby supplies before giving birth, and what to do if I didn't eat baby food. The reason is that it does not come into my head in any way when I read it in English, and the Japanese recipe still fits me better when it comes to meals.

I'm sure there are many Japanese people all over the world who are going to give birth and are worried about raising their children.

It is my experience, but I would like to record it in the hope that it will be helpful even a little.

(Because the disease and the operation are also a little without trying, I am glad if it is useful for people who suffer from the same disease.) )

What I want to convey through this blog

When I was a bread instructor in Japan, I wanted people to think about whether to use their time to choose something delicious and safe, or to save time by paying for it, and to choose something delicious even though it contains additives.

I don't want to say which is better or worse, but I want you to buy bread and side dishes every busy day, but sometimes I want you to feel the deliciousness and safety of handmade food while taking care of the time flowing slowly by making bread and cooking that takes time.

I've always liked cooking and Baking, but by coming to Canada, studying and working in the field, I learned more and more about the fun of making food. I would like to explore the fun of this dish and Baking more, introduce dishes that are not often seen in Japan, and convey the fun of cooking.

And I want to keep writing about things that I'm interested in, experiences of illness, parenting and Toronto, and so on.

By the way, the content other than the recipe, originally "black cat vs Russian husband – there is an enemy in the family!" – (http://miuchinitekiari.com) in a blog titled, I wrote separately.

When I divided it into two, it felt like I had doubled what I had to do, and the update didn't go on, and once both of them were closed for a long time, I started integrating them into this blog from October 27, 2020.

[Black cat vs Russian husband – there is an enemy in the family! ] – " will end in mid-December 2021. (Because of the contract of the domain, I was able to spare more time than I thought lol)